A Good Introduction

Welcome to A Good Wardrobe, a blog dedicated to what makes a good wardrobe and how to make one.

I’m on a mission to create the perfect wardrobe. Being fed up with ill fitting ready-to-wear garments and dissatisfied with my garment construction skills, I signed up for a two year program in pattern drafting last January. As my skills are increasing, I’m beginning to think about which pieces I’d like to make and how to incorporate these into a wearable wardrobe. This blog will serve as a place for me to explore wardrobe building, dressmaking, and personal style.

I’ve been really inspired by the various Me Made and 30 for 30 challenges that I’ve seen other bloggers complete and I’d like to take these ideas and meld them into my own challenge. I’m looking to put together a 30 piece basic wardrobe twice a year – Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. In addition to these two collections, I’ll be adding transition pieces to help move the basic wardrobe through the seasons.

Before I begin these collections, however, I’m going to spend the summer exploring the types of garments we find in wardrobes. I’ll be asking how many pants, skirts, blouses, and dresses one needs in a wardrobe and how these numbers affect the variety of outfits. In addition, I’ll also be exploring my own personal style by posting possible inspiration and color palettes for my upcoming collection.

Throughout the year, I’ll be posting about my sewing and knitting projects and plan on including tutorials and patterns. I’m looking forward to sharing my successes, failures, challenges, and experimentations with my readers and hope you’ll enjoy it too!


4 Comments to “A Good Introduction”

  1. I can’t wait to watch your wardrobe discovery process! I think you’ve got an incredible plan of attack! I am aiming to create an entirely self-fabricated wardrobe; though, I don’t have nearly as much focus in my efforts!

    • Michelle, you’re my first comment! Thanks for the encouragement. I’m really excited to undertake the challenge but I’m beginning to realize how much work I have over the next few months.
      I look forward to watching your progress as well! Your blog mentioned Ravelry – look me up if you’re a member! My handle is Freshwaterpurls.

  2. I’ve just found this through Sew Weekly. I think this is a wonderful idea and look forward to seeing your wardrobe develop!!

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