A Note on Product vs. Process

In the knitting community there is a lot of talk about being a product or a process knitter. In other words, are you someone who gets satisfaction through the act of knitting or the final knit item? It’s an interesting question and certainly pertains to many creative outlets.

When I create something, it always begins with the final product in mind. I rarely pick a pattern based on a technique I want to use. Quintessential product crafter, yes? Not entirely, I still really enjoy every aspect of the process – from the design all the way to the finishing. I’m constantly adding new techniques to my bag not only to get the most enjoyment from the product but also from the process.  I’m not entirely sure where I lie but, thankfully, I think it’s possible to be both.

I was speaking to a friend last night who is doing an internship in radio production. Recently she was given the opportunity to be the recording voice for a public service announcement. She was really looking forward to hearing her voice on the radio and so you can imagine her excitement when she heard the PSA twice this week. However, she was surprised to find that the most exciting part, and the part that made her happiest, was not hearing herself but remembering how much fun she had making it.

There’s something about this story that really struck me. Essentially, producing a PSA is about the final product but how lucky for you if you’re able to walk away having enjoyed the process and every time you  hear the commercial you remember this enjoyment. This endeavor that I’m undertaking is ultimately about the final collection – those 30 pieces and how they work together. However, if I could strive to get the same sort of satisfaction as my friend then that final product isn’t something superficial but something incredibly personal and special. I really intend to keep this mentality at the forefront as I work on the fall wardrobe.

So what about you? Are you a process or product crafter or do you try to keep a balance?


One Comment to “A Note on Product vs. Process”

  1. I think I’m a bit of both. I love knitting, but there’s something special about wearing the final item (or seeing the person you knitted it for wearing it). I don’t know about sewing yet, as I’m only just getting my toes wet with that.

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