Upcoming Projects

I mentioned in my introduction that I started a pattern drafting class last January. I had always dreamt of going to art school for fashion design but I couldn’t wrap my head around paying the tuition, especially when I had other scholastic interests. So you can imagine my excitement when I found a serious program that wouldn’t break the bank. I go to a self-paced class once a week and work my way through a syllabus that should take somewhere between two to three years. I’ve just finished the skirt section which requires us to draft and sew (at least) 16 skirts in muslin. At this point I’m working on my own designs that I’ll draft and sew up in fashion fabric.

Here’s a look at three of my final projects:

I was placing an order with Vogue Fabrics for cotton batiste when I stumbled upon this green striped seersucker. I usually don’t buy seersucker without first purchasing a swatch because it’s difficult to tell whether it’s a true seersucker before washing. But I figured the price was right and I could take a chance with it. I was ecstatic when the swatch came out of the wash with the texture intact.

For this skirt I drafted an 8 gore skirt with flare and a pointed yoke. It’s hemline will come to the knees. I’ll be manipulating the grain of the gores so that the seersucker stripes produce chevrons. The yoke’s stripes will be, more or less, horizontal. The seersucker is very lightweight and it frays something awful so I need to find an appropriate edge finish.

This stunning green fabric is a cotton and silk blend that I found at Britex. It sells under the name Radiance and it looks like fabric.com has a few colors.

I decided to draft a full a-line with a front button placket and contoured waistband. The hem will fall just below the knee. I’m still debating whether to underline the skirt or not. I’d really like the final product to have a rich drape and to fall close to the body. Given this, I’m thinking maybe a batiste or flannelette.

This is a vintage batik brought back from Jakarta in the 60’s by my grandmother. For many years it has been used as a tablecloth but is still in beautiful condition. I have two panels that equal about two yards. For an element of surprise, I purchased a purple/taupe striped cotton for the waistband.

For the batik, I drafted a gathered straight skirt that comes just above the knee. The waistband has posed a dilemma for me and I’m still trying to decide whether I should sacrifice my design for wearability. As a short waisted gal I usually draft a contoured waistband but a straight waistband would work better for the vertical stripes. If I do end up re-drafting for a straight waistband, I’ll use a technique I found in The Dressmaker’s Handbook of Couture Sewing Techniques

I’ll be posting more about each of these projects as I work on them in the coming weeks.

Want to see what I made with the green cotton/silk? Read this post.


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  1. Oh, do you mind saying what the program is and where it is located? Thanks.


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