Sewing with Seersucker

Guess what?

I finished my seersucker skirt today! No, you can’t see pictures.


I was a little over exuberant with the iron and now the texture is missing from portions of the skirt. I had read about this before hand somewhere on the web and the columnist said that texture would return after washing. No problem, I thought – I’ll soak the skirt in my kitchen sink and throw it in the dryer.

The texture still hasn’t returned.

Is the skirt doomed to a life as a half-breed?


2 Comments to “Sewing with Seersucker”

  1. I JUST read this on the Colette Patterns blog, There are different ways to make a seersucker, one where the texture is woven into the fabric and is permanent and others where the texture is formed by secondary processes. They suggest you test on a scrap before you attempt the garment. Sorry, that you got the wrong one for pressing.

    • Thanks for your comment! I read that as well (along with a couple of other articles) right before I started working with this fabric and tested it but still ended up ruining the garment. I contacted the store that I bought this from and they assured me that it was not a plisse but a true seersucker – I guess some will still react badly to pressing. Oh well! It’s not entirely ruined.

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