Wardrobe Essentials

I’ve been dreading this post. For a week now I’ve been contemplating where to begin with this wardrobe and have felt completely lost. I’ve googled wardrobe lists, looked at dozens of 30 for 30 blog posts, and browsed the bookstore for style guides. Still nothing jumped out at me as the starting point for this project.

Despite the beautiful weather we’ve been having here in the Bay Area, I’ve been seeking refuge indoors from some horrendous allergies. Yesterday, I found myself watching some cable TV and stumbled upon Dresscue Me which is about Shareen Vintage in Los Angeles. I’d rather not get into how I really feel about this show/store but I did have a revelation regarding my collection. Before a commercial break, Shareen was asked to list her top wardrobe essentials. My ears perked up in an effort to find the quick fix to my wardrobe dilemma only to be disappointed when Shareen returned to say that the wardrobe essentials were the items in a persons closet that made them feel the greatest.

But it dawned on me later – that’s exactly where I should start. This project is about making a wearable wardrobe for me so what better than my go-to items to dictate my fall wardrobe. I’m leaving my list purposefully vague in order to translate into my fall collection but here’s my top 10:

  1. A great pair of jeans
  2. A cropped blazer
  3. A little black dress
  4. A silk blouse in a light color
  5. A silk blouse in a dark color
  6. A casual A-line skirt
  7. A pair of dark slacks
  8. A lightweight crew-neck sweater
  9. A black mini skirt
  10. A printed blouse

So what’s the next step? It’s time to define the style of the fall/winter collection. To keep myself focused, I’m going to describe my vision in three words. For the next three weeks, each Monday I’ll post an inspiration board for these words so that you can get a greater sense of what I’m envisioning and I have something to refer back to as I get deeper into the project.


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