WIP: Gathered Skirt with Straight Waistband

This week I’ll be working on my gathered skirt for my grandmother’s batik fabric. I’ve been trying to decide whether to use a straight or contoured waistband so I worked up a draft for both. I sewed up a muslin for the straight waistband that I’d like to share with you.




I can’t decide if the garment is unflattering or if it’s simply the muslin that I can’t look past. The side shot shows how much the back pops out which makes my butt look 10x bigger but I’m wondering if a more fluid fabric would lie down a bit more. Given that my batik is so precious I’m not willing to take a chance on this yet so I’ve decided to make this draft up in a purple linen to see if it’s more flattering and if it actually gets worn. I’ll be lowering the hem line about 2″ so that it falls mid knee but if I end up using it for the batik I might raise the hem another 1/2″.

Hopefully this skirt goes better than my the seersucker (which will be going in the wash today – wish me luck). I’m really looking forward to using a new straight waistband technique so I’ll post production pictures as well.


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