Gathered Linen Skirt

I’ve been working on the gathered skirt proto-type over the last two days. It came together nicely and looks much more flattering on than the muslin. Once I finish hemming it, I’ll post some pictures of me wearing it. Until then, here are some quick pictures of it in my work room.

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I have cheap steam iron that I’ve been using and it has finally given out on me. The sole-plate has cracked and it spits water with mineral bits out while I’m trying to press.

I’ve been putting off buying a new steam iron because, frankly, they are just too expensive. I’d love an iron with a steam-hole covered plate but I’m saving my money for a serger. Instead, I ordered a dry iron from Home Depot which ran me $30. No more steam-hole indentations on my garments and I can always create the steam I need with pressing cloths, spray bottles, and blotters. I’m excited to see if this fits the bill. Do any of you use a dry iron as your primary?


One Comment to “Gathered Linen Skirt”

  1. I often use my steam iron as a dry iron (I prefer a spray bottle set to mist) because I feel I get more control this way. From time to time I’ll fill the iron for steam (heavy fabrics seem to respond best to real steam), and when I do I always drain the water from the iron after use. Doing this will significantly increase the lifespan of your iron. When you leave them full of water their innards tend to rust out and you get rusty spitting and stained garments! (I found this to be true even with pricer irons.) Not sure this has anything to do with the death of your iron, but figured it was worth mentioning.

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