Bad Day Silk

I had a really tough week at work and was feeling really down about it all so to pick me up my husband took me fabric shopping. Folks, I went a little nutty with the retail therapy and came home with the most expensive fabric I have ever purchased. I’m not going to say just how expensive but if you’ve ever bought/looked at 4 ply silk, you have a pretty good idea.

Although the price made my heart pressure dip at the register, it is really stunning. I was good and I picked a solid color from my fall palette – a deep navy blue. The fabric is heavy – weighing a pound for the two yards – and has an amazing drape. I’m thinking a blouse – perhaps Sencha from Colette Patterns? I’ve heard that 4 ply silk is an amazing sewing experience but you have no idea how nervous I am to use it.

Luckily, I’m signed up for a sewing-with-difficult-fabrics class with Lynda Maynard in June. I just received the materials list yesterday and it makes me really excited:

1 – 7″ regular zipper
1 – 7″ invisible zipper
1/4 yard grosgrain ribbon
1/4 yard of the following fabrics:
  silk organza
  cotton batiste
  rayon challis
  cotton flannel (light to medium weight)
  crepe de chine
  fusible interfacing
  any knit fabric

This class should give me a confidence boost and allow me to do the 4 ply silk justice.

Have you ever used 4 ply silk? What did you make with it and would you purchase it again? Any tips or tricks for sewing with it?


5 Responses to “Bad Day Silk”

  1. How lovely of your husband!

  2. Wow, I wish they offered classes like that here in Virgina. When I was younger, in high school, I had no fear of fabrics because I didn’t know any better. I also had no fear of Vogue’s Advanced patterns. I can’t believe how timid I’ve become now.


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