WIP: Green Cotton/Silk Skirt

It’s been a busy week around here. I started a new section at school – moulage – and I’ve been hunched over my coffee table drafting several figures. I plan on taking my husband’s measurements tomorrow in order to begin drafting his moulage next week. I’m really excited to start dabbling in menswear.

I finally got up the courage to cut the green cotton/silk yesterday. I was tentative because I wasn’t sure that I could do the skirt justice but there’s really only one way to find out, right?

After cutting out the self fabric and underlining fabric, I sewed the two together. I like to cut the underlining wider than the pattern pieces and then sew the side seams with the right sides facing. After this is finished, I flip the pieces right-side out and iron flat – essentially binding the raw edges with the excess underlining. You can see a picture of the finished side seams below on the right. It really streamlines the underlining process and looks very clean.

This morning I applied the interfacing (which also gummed up on the bottom of my iron – OOPS), sewed the side seams, and started on the face hem. I’m happy with the results so far except for a fold line in the back of the skirt. The self fabric must have been on the bolt for a while because there is a wear line down the center. I don’t think it is noticeable except to me, but once it is done you can be the judge.

I’ve put the skirt away until Wednesday because I realized I don’t have any black ribbon or bias tape which I’d like to finish the faced hem with. Once I have that ,there are only a handful of steps to complete the skirt: sew the faced hem on, sew down the button facing, add the waistband, and sew the buttonholes. I plan on using a corded buttonhole which I learned on my Sencha last week.

I tried my hand at tailor tacks to mark the buttonholes and button placement. Looks a bit messy right now (bottom left) but we’ll see if it works better than a fabric marker.


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