Pink, White, Blue…

and a smattering of green. Hey! I tried to keep the holiday theme going.

Last week’s theme over at Sew Weekly was UFO’s and up until yesterday, I was under the impression that I didn’t have any. However, while organizing some fabric I came across this large rectangle stitched in half and I remembered! Almost four years ago, when I first started sewing, I envisioned this scarf and tried to make it up. Seems simple enough but I just didn’t have the knowledge and I struggled with the fringe and finishing up the edges discreetly. So instead of being turned into a scarf it got shoved back in with the fabric.

When I found the project yesterday, I just had to resurrect the project. Armed with newly found skills, I finished the scarf over my morning coffee and am really happy with it.

To construct I unraveled about 6 inches of weft to create the fringe. Then, I used a baby hem on the vertical edges. At this point, I gathered a finger full of fringe and tied a knot near the base. Pretty simple – the majority of my time was spent pulling the threads for the fringe.

The fabric is a Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in fuschia. It’s a really lovely lightweight fabric that would be perfect for a summer blouse. In fact, Very Purple Person just finished a shirt for her husband with a solid shot cotton. This project and Very Purple Person’s post reminded me of how much I love this fabric and I think that I’ll try and make a shirt from it before the summer is over.

Remember to vote (here) for your favorite Sorbetto modification today if you haven’t already. The poll is closing tonight at midnight!  Poll is closed.


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