Sock Blanket

I started this sock blanket last summer but put it away after about 20 squares to focus on some other projects. I’ve been sewing so much lately that my knitting has been cast aside. Being a beginner, however, means that sewing requires all of my attention and recently I’ve wanted a small, mindless project that I could work on while watching a movie with Kelley. These little squares are the perfect project for this. I’m hoping to have the knitting portion done by September so that I can back and bind the blanket. I think it will make for a beautiful throw this fall/winter.


5 Responses to “Sock Blanket”

  1. That looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous blanket.

    • I’m getting pretty excited about it! It was originally about 6 skeins of sock yarn that I intended to make a baby blanket with but I loved the colors so much that I couldn’t part with it. I’ve been adding other yarns to bulk up the yardage to make an adult sized throw. There are a couple of Koigu skeins that have a gazillion colors in them and I find it hard to keep focused when picking new colors. I’m sometimes afraid that the original pairings will get lost in the mix but that’s just a worry that I have to let go because I can’t get a true sense of the blanket until all the squares are done.
      I realize that it isn’t wardrobe building related but it was something that I was using to refresh my energy with. We all need that sometimes, right?

  2. I love the look of those squares. Is there a pattern? I’m pretty good at sewing, but the knitting thing is a slow slog towards any kind of proficiency. Yet, I think I could do the squares. Love your blog.


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