Sorbetto Three Ways

When I finished my last Sorbetto, I mentioned that I felt like the neckline was lacking something. I was thinking of adding some embellishments to give it a little more pop but wasn’t sure what. However, I was hanging around the house alone on Sunday and started styling the top in different ways and I’ve decided that with this one, less is more!

I have a predilection towards pieces that have tons of personality. However, once in my closet they tend to be the monogamous sort. I’m sure you know the type – those shirts that only go with one pair of pants. Well, this is what I’ve been trying to get away from to make my wardrobe more versatile. I don’t think that means my garments will be boring – I certainly don’t think the pintucks are plain – but just more strategic with their embellishments.

I’ve decided that my corded pintuck Sorbetto is the perfect blank canvas. It’s not lacking in personality but the outfits are limitless. I found that it went with the majority of my closet and accessories. How great is that? I took a couple (albeit grainy) pictures to show you a few stylings:

You know what else surprised me? In the mirror, I thought that the most flattering one was the untucked loose version and that I looked my worse in the belted outfit. In pictures, that’s absolutely the opposite! I love the belted outfit! Does this ever happen to you all? Has blogging and documenting your clothes changed your perception of what looks best on you?


8 Comments to “Sorbetto Three Ways”

  1. I just found your blog and love your project. I think your sorbetto looks great all three ways, it really is an amazingly simple yet versatile pattern (lovely pintucks btw!) I have made quite a few and yet for me I almost only wear it tucked in, you may have convinced me to try some other options!

  2. Yes, it definitely has. I actually do more with my hair now because of blogging photos. I love what you’ve done here – especially since this is something I always have a problem with because I always pick things that are too printy or only go with one other thing. Most lovely top! I think my favorite is your middle version styling. A fun 50s vibe there! xoxo, Sunni

  3. I think I’ve moved away from the ‘out there’ pieces more in the last few years for that same reason: they don’t go with everything. I’m really happy with my Sorbetto as a ‘blank canvas’ too! I love your three ways!

    • I love that a ‘blank canvas’ doesn’t have to be void of personality. Your Sorbetto certainly isn’t! I think that’s where I go wrong in my wardrobe. I either buy really embellished/unique pieces or solid color/simple designs – neither of which give me many options.

  4. I really love how the darker blue lining makes this one look like pale blue, but with dimension! And I agree – the middle (belted) styling is super-cute!

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