Mental Vacation

I took a little mental vacation this week to organize myself and my space for upcoming projects.

  • I took my moulage to sloper.

I’ve been really motivated to get this done because I would like to use my own designs for my wardrobe this fall. I’ll start dart manipulation next week and I hope to be at lines by the end of August.

  • I started planning two knit pieces for fall.

I have sweater quantities of this green and blue Madelintosh Merino Light that I would like to use. Both colors are in my Fall Color Palette and I’ve been really excited to knit with this yarn. I’m thinking a crewneck pullover for one and a loose cardigan for the other but I’m not totally sure.

  • I started dreaming about a trip that my husband and I are taking this fall.

We don’t have anything solidified yet so I feel hesitant to discuss it in much detail (lest I jinx it!). I should be able to purchase tickets next week and then I can start spilling the beans.

  • I cleared my sewing stuff out of the kitchen and put it in the back room.

This is the first place that we’ve lived where I’ve had enough space for a designated sewing room but yet I still haul all of my sewing equipment out and sew in the kitchen. The two things that are holding me back from enjoying the back room are the lack of good natural light and a cramped feeling. Both of these things are easily fixed but I need to set aside some time to take care of it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with regular updates but until then I’d love to hear what you all have been up to this week!


2 Comments to “Mental Vacation”

  1. That’s so nice you have a sewing space! When you do find the time to organise it, it will be so worth it, that it’s your space and your work!

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