WIP: Blouse with Gathering and Keyhole Neck Opening

I’ve been busy this week working on my dart manipulation projects. In the past few days I’ve drafted seven examples and sewn up six! I wanted to share with you my personal design with gathering above the bust. Although it looks a bit poofy in muslin, I think with a suitable fabric it could drape quite nicely. I plan on dropping the gathers (an inch?) and the neckline (a touch?).

Originally I wanted the top to be sans-closures so I drafted a simple keyhole opening at the back neckline. That should actually read “tried to draft” – I wasn’t exactly sure what a keyhole opening should look like but I knew I wanted to cut the majority of the back on the fold. I decided to pivot the shoulder dart to a few inches below the center neckline so that the center back tilted at an angle at the top. Does this make any sense? I just read that sentence over and I’m not sure I even understand it! Anyway, it ended up leaving me with a peak at the base of the keyhole which is understandable. I think next time I want a keyhole opening, simply cutting a straight slit should work fine enough.

However, now that I have the muslin sewn, I’m considering adding a button placket to the back and using button loops to close the garment. This would allow me to have a close fitting back that would offset the blouse-y front. This largely depends on the material I plan on using, of course. What do you think?


4 Responses to “WIP: Blouse with Gathering and Keyhole Neck Opening”

  1. Hi again!
    this looks good, and i think you’re right, a fabric that sits/falls softer (if that makes sense) will make the gathers fall more than pouf.

    • Thanks! Originally I had a lovely little rayon challis in mind but I don’t think it would enjoy the back button placket. I’ll probably end up using a cotton lawn or batiste – I might even try the gathered section on the bias.


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