Update: A Shirt from a Dress

I really liked the shirt that I made last week (which I haven’t managed to get a picture in yet, sorry!) so I thought that I’d use that pattern again to use up the salvaged fabric. Everything seemed to be going fine until I attached the bias tape to the neckline and armholes…

You see, I bought some black satin (poly, I’m sure) bias tape from Britex for a Sorbetto a few months back but it wasn’t the right width. Besides, it felt really stiff and I wanted to wait until after I had washed it to use. The washing never happened but I used it anyway. I was right – It was too stiff and ended up not lying flat and felt really uncomfortable one. I have the garment soaking in some hot water right now in the hopes of the tape softening.

Do you think it will work?


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