Wrap Up: Fall 2011 Wardrobe Challenge

I can’t believe the deadline has arrived, but my Fall 2011 Wardrobe Challenge is over! Although I don’t consider it a failure, I only managed to put together eight pieces out of my proposed thirty. Where did I go wrong?

  • No clear theme

Although I had the best intentions, I only managed to make one theme post. Even with that theme in mind, I wasn’t clear how I wanted to incorporate that theme into my wardrobe. The next challenge is going to have a clearly defined theme with a plan of how to incorporate it into each of the pieces.

  • Too many pieces

Honestly, thirty pieces is way too many for me. I can’t imagine bringing in that many pieces because each time I made an item, I was amazed at how it opened up my closet. It was also too difficult for me to plan for this many pieces and because of this, my motivation took a major hit. For the next challenge, this number is going to be greatly reduced and I’ll work up to more pieces later.

  • A complicated palette

Although I loved my palette, it was difficult to find fabrics (especially considering how many yards I needed for thirty pieces) that were in my budget and fit into my vision for particular garments. While I’m still learning,  I’ll gather fabrics before deciding the palette or pick a simpler palette to work from.

  • Restricting usage of commercial patterns

Since I was enrolled in a patterndrafting class, I wanted to utilize my new knowledge and (originally) restricted myself to self-drafted patterns. Unfortunately, I miscalculated how far I would be in the program and kept waiting to make certain projects until I had the ability to draft the items (for example, blouses). Instead, I chose to work on projects outside of the challenge. This is a serious reason why I only made a few garments. Next time, there won’t be a a restriction on the types of patterns I use.

I’ll be unveiling my next challenge on Monday and I can’t wait to share it with you. I hope to take what I’ve learned here and make this next challenge a success!


4 Responses to “Wrap Up: Fall 2011 Wardrobe Challenge”

  1. I think it’s just great that you set this challenge for yourself and what you learned from it so far is great, too. Very inspiring.

    I’m trying to organize my wardrobe so it works better and I’ll be following your blog for tips and ideas. It’s all a learning process and Fun, too!

    🙂 Chris

  2. I’m impressed with eight pieces!

  3. I’ve been meaning to make my own wardrobe too. I haven’t quite worked up the nerve yet, but you’re inspiring me!


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