Inspiration on the Net

I worked my butt off yesterday finishing my next blouse and four muslins for my class only to wake up with a cold. I still managed to pull myself out of bed and get ready; however, class just wasn’t in the cards when the last ferry was full 10 minutes before embarking. I was turned around at the gate and, needless to say, I was not happy.

Rather than mope around, I’m going to break out some fabric and play around with my serger. I used it a lot on my last project and was amazed at how much it sped things along. Now I want to see what it will do with knits! I pulled out Sew-U Home Stretch which I bought ages ago in the hopes of working with more knits and am pretty set on the Belle De Jour dress. Although the fabric I have isn’t black and white, I’m excited to show you what I make from it!

In other news, I updated my tabs and included a list of the ten garments I plan to make for the Winter Wardrobe Challenge. If you scroll over the Winter Wardrobe Challenge 2011 tab, a drop down menu should appear. Click on “Garments” to see the list. I’ll be updating it with links to the finished project posts as they appear.

I’ll be back tomorrow with photos of my new Burda blouse. Until then, here are some happenings that have caught my eye:


2 Comments to “Inspiration on the Net”

  1. teehee.

    now i’m a total heel for not commenting on your sundress when you first posted it. something about being caught up in a wedding whirlwind, blah blah blah, enter long excuse here.

    (i actually thought of your fab version today when pulling my hair out over my chosen pattern for le black dress. do you think it’s wedding appropriate if one adds, say, a sequined belt?)

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