Three New Fabrics

My fabric order came in the mail yesterday…

from left to right: textured bottomweight Italian cottoncircle of fleurs crepe de chinesilk/cotton blouse weight

14 Responses to “Three New Fabrics”

  1. I especially like the middle fabric. Where do you order from? I’m always on the lookout for good fabric shops.

  2. On the right, in love!!! It’s got this cool murky/ink blot sort of thing going on.

  3. I. Love how similiar but different they are…got to look up gorgeous fabrics!

  4. ohhh what is that one on the right? LOVE.

  5. I just updated the post to include links to the fabrics, in case you’re curious!

  6. Wow, the word gorgeous is definitely right!!!

  7. Hey, I have that smudgy ikat fabric! It’s so beautiful. I bought it at Britex as souvenir fabric, then noticed Ann was carrying it too! Speaking of Ann, definitely resist viewing her new fabrics. I’m trying to hold off until November.

    I’m excited to see what you have planned for them. All three fabrics are beautiful.

  8. these are gorgeous, I love the print on both! very nice choices.


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