Belle De Jour

 Pattern: Belle De Jour from Sew-U Home Stretch

Fabric: 2 yards Cotton Jersey from the remnant bin


This is my first foray into knit fabrics! I was bummed about missing my class on Tuesday but I decided to do something unexpected and cut this dress out. I was amazed at how fast this project went together and had the dress finished in a few hours. I used my serger for the majority of the project except for the topstitching around the neckline, the cuffs, and the hem; for those, I used a twin needle. The neckline stretched a little in the process and it’s a bit wavy as a result. I learned from this though and made the stitch length longer on the other two areas.

I’m happy with the results but I’ll admit it’s not something I would normally purchase. First, the color is a little too cutesy for me. It’s also rather revealing and it hugs me around the middle where I’m most self conscious. However, I think it will work nicely for work where I wear an apron. I’m always looking for something comfy that I can move in and I’m not worried about getting dirty.

I can’t wait to try my hand at more knits and I’ll definitely be using more of the pattern variations from the book!

In other news…

My Blouse was a featured member project on Burda yesterday! I’m super flattered – thank you everyone for your kind words in the comments both here and over at Burdastyle. It’s so nice to receive such awesome support from the online sewing community!


8 Responses to “Belle De Jour”

  1. Good for you! You deserve the feature. That blue dress is so cute- your first knit is much better than mine! Pretty….

  2. I think it’s cute, but it sounds like cute isn’t the look you’re going for! Are you going to keep it light blue, or dye it another color?

    You totally deserved the Burda feature – that blouse is a real win!

  3. Knit fabrics are so much fun sometimes! Congratulations on the project feature – much deserved, and was actually how I discovered your blog!

  4. This is a cute dress! I like the sleeves and it’s a good length. The only think I’ve made from that book is a t-shirt and I wasn’t thrilled with the fit.. I should try a dress. I really enjoy sewing with knits.

    Dyeing isn’t too messy and you can do it in a bucket. That’s my preferred method because I don’t want to discolor my machine. I love Dharma Trading for supplies.


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