I did a little spring cleaning this weekend and went through my closet. I was absolutely amazed to find that I don’t own a single long sleeved blouse made from a woven material. I have plans to make the Pussy Bow Blouse for one of my ten garments but I’d like to add another long sleeve garment as well. So, I’m looking for pattern suggestions for my next blouse. Here’s my criteria:

  • Must have sleeves – preferably full length but bangle could work.
  • No full length button band in the front.
  • No jabot or ruffles unless the pattern would be easy to make without.
  • Readily available. Although I love a good vintage pattern, I don’t want to have to stalk ebay to get it.

If you know of a pattern that might fit the bill, let me know! Bonus points for links to finished garments using the pattern.


16 Responses to “ISO”

  1. Hi!
    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog. When I did a google search on Sorbettos, your picture of the black one with inverted pleat caught my eye, and I made one in white! This is a pattern I’ve been eyeing all year. There are a couple tutorials about it, too.

    And your modern dot blouse is simply dreamy.
    All the best,

    • Thanks for all the kind words, Joy. I have to credit Casey for the inverted pleat. She inspired me to try it in the beginning.
      I was just looking at the Superfantastic Shirt this afternoon! I’m thrilled to hear that there are tutorials because I’ve read that the instructions can be brief with Hot Patterns. Have you ever used HP before?

  2. There’s a similar one here: – very slouchy, no buttons, contrasting neck band, which might fit into your pattern-mixing theme. I actually bought that magazine in Turkey over the summer, so I have the pattern, but it’s in Turkish!

    • Thanks, Gail. I agree – that could really work for mixing prints! I think that’s the same issue that my dotted blouse came from. September, right? You know, after my experience with English Burda, I don’t think it would matter much that it’s in Turkish!

  3. Hehehe – have to agree! (Although I do speak/read Turkish) – If you decide you want it, I’d be happy to send it your way, although I’m not sure tracing it from the magazine pattern would be any easier than printing it out and assembling it. But at least it would be free!

  4. I haven’t used any HP patterns yet. I nearly bought one when visiting Sewtropolis in Minneapolis but fell in love with an Anna Maria Horner velveteen instead.

  5. I was plannig on trying the new Colette Jasmine with long sleeves. You’d have to draft them yourself of course…

    • Thanks, Meg. I was talking to Gail about this. Have you seen the pattern? Would it be possible to simply extend the length and then smooth the length seam or do you think I’d have to draft the sleeve cap as well? The former I can do but the latter is unknown territory that I’ve been avoiding.

  6. Hi Lizz, I have got the pattern and I think you could probably extend the length and smooth the side seams. There are two sleeve options; I was thinking of using the one that is slightly gathered top and bottom and then just subsituting a narrow band for the supplied cuff. But I’m no expert ! So I’m not sure how it will work till I have a go!


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