Possible Patterns

This weekend I finally succumbed to the cold I was fighting off last week. Unfortunately, there was really no option but to go to work and it took every last bit of energy I had. By Monday I was wiped and other than class and the occasional web browsing, I’ve slept for the past three days. Now that I’m feeling a tad better, I’ve started on my next garment – a self drafted skirt for the silk/cotton fabric.

A similar shaped skirt to my original idea at Anthropologie

I want the pattern the follow width wise and not length wise. For my taste, that means that the seams and the hem must be perpendicular to each other so the pattern isn’t cut off on the bottom and this really limits the type of skirts that I can draft. In the beginning, I had envisioned a tulip shaped skirt cut with drape only in the front. However, to keep the pattern straight at the bottom I had to draft it in an awkward way and the muslin just never looked right to me. Due to the grainline, it pulled around the hips even though there was excess fabric there and was rather uncomfortable to wear. I’ve since moved on to a pleated skirt that I think will see a lot more use.

I’m still on the search for long-sleeved blouse patterns but, with your help, I’ve been able to find a few more options. So far, I’m liking:

  • Hot Patterns 1029 (thanks, Joy!): this could be quite nice in a floral cotton lawn.
  • Burda 09/2011 #134 (thanks, Gail!): this offers some great possibilities for pattern mixing.
  • Bettsy Kingston Far Away Tunic: I found this while browsing patterns on Etsy but I’m not sure if it’s quite *me*. There’s just something off about it that I can’t quite pinpoint. I want to change something – make it longer, gather the sleeves, make it sleeveless, see it in a solid… something.
  • Butterick B5555: Similar to Gails suggestion and I could probably tweak the Burda pattern for similar results.
  • Marfy F1684: Marfy has quite a few patterns that fit the bill. Has anyone used a Marfy pattern before? I’m quite intrigued but think the price is rather steep for a pattern with no instructions.
  • Colette Jasmine: This pattern is growing on me and I think I might be able to extend the sleeves to make them full length. I’m quite inspired by Sarai’s Polka Dot Blouse.

Originally, I had hoped to find a pattern for the crêpe de chine but everything is reading a little too 70’s polyester to me. I’m drafting a sleeveless cowl neck for it and will save the long sleeve for a more matte fabric.

So that’s what I’m working on now. How about you? Any exciting projects?


3 Comments to “Possible Patterns”

  1. i was going to say do PR’s pussy bow. very helpful, i am.

  2. I’m feeling soooo behind lately, but haven’t been sick. It’s simply the nonsensical pressure I put on myself to get things done 🙂 I really like the tunic options, especially the Butterick & Marfy, a company I’ve yet to try, but am always eyeing in Threads. They have no instructions? Ugh.

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