This Is Always the Part Where I Freak Out

Remember this fabric purchase?

The fabric on the left is on it’s way to being another Kimono Sleeve Dress.

This is always the part where I start to freak out…

I start to see better uses for the fabric –  a bias cut really brings out the pattern whereas straight grain is a too linear.

I have second thoughts – will this print overwhelm me?

I almost give up – have I wasted fabric, money, and time?

This is also the part where I take a deep breath and tell myself…

I don’t sew just for the finished project. I also sew because I love the process.

There are hundreds of ways to use this fabric but you have to choose one.

Maybe the print won’t look good but it’s part of the process – learning what works and what doesn’t.

It’s also the part where I take a deep breath and accept that I’ve already cut the pattern out.

Do you have second thoughts mid-way through a project? How do you keep going when you start to have doubts?


11 Responses to “This Is Always the Part Where I Freak Out”

  1. If it’s too overwhelming for you, you could send that piece to me. Just sayin’.

    I think that will look fantastic with the pattern you’ve chosen, and I don’t really think the print will be too much for you either, especially if you break it up with, say, a different colored belt. And some kick-ass knee-high high-heeled boots. I’ll wait while you say that three times fast.

    I don’t do it too much with sewing, but I do have second thoughts with my knitting projects all the time. And sometimes third and fourth thoughts. But knitting can be undone and made into something different a lot easier than sewing!

    • I’m still trying to say that three times fast. But I agree that a bright colored belt would look wonderful!
      It’s definitely the no-turning-back feeling when you cut the fabric that freaks me out. I figure with knitting, I might waste time but I can always reuse the yarn.

  2. Don’t over think your design idea- it’s good and it will be wonderful!! Go forth and concquer!

  3. I know exactly where you are coming from. I am guilty of impulse buying fabric because I love the print or colour without thinking if it would actually look good on me. I am getting better though 😉

    Once I picked up a black and white jersey print in a fabric shop once and loved it, I stood in front of their mirrors wrapping myself in the fabric for about 20 minutes before I decided to put it back because I was worried about the print. As I walked out I noticed that they had it wrapped on a mannequin in the window and it sold me so I went in a bought 2 meters and later turned it into a wrap dress and I love it 🙂 Sometimes you just have to take a step back and I often wrap fabric on my dress forma dn leave it there for a few days to “meditate” on it and decide what to do with it 🙂

    I think that print you chose will be fabulous! xx

  4. All the time! In fact, last night and today I had a freak out because I realized way too late that I’ve over-fit a very simple skirt. But I’ve put so much time into it, fully lined, organza strips, blahblahblah, that I just have to finish. And then give it away. It is about the process 🙂 And, I’m pretty certain your dress is going to look great anyway.

    ps- Vietnam? Awesome!

  5. i always have doubt at some point, but then i decide if it gets to a stage where i reeeeeaaaally don’t like it, i’ll just mess with it until i do. reassured, i keep sewing.

    that dress is going to be fabulous.

  6. I ALWAYS have that freak out moment. I always have so many ideas in my head, that when I finally marry a fabric with a pattern I start doubting myself almost immediately.
    I just keep going on and sew to cancel these thoughts. Music or the radio also help a lot. I still get VERY frustrated if the final result is disappointing, but it’s better to face it in the end than tormenting myself throughout the whole process (which takes away my joy for sewing). I hope that makes sense.

  7. hope its turning out well for you… i constantly second guess myself, but i find that the things i’m most happy with are those that were bought as fabric with a specific item in mind when they eventually become that item, even if it sometimes takes several years to get from head to existing!!!

  8. If you’re worried have a solid colour near your face and keep the rest of the dress made up of that fabric.. i.e. like a black peter pan collar on a dress made of the print fabric…


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