Taking It Slow

After rushing through my last project and feeling disappointed by doing so, I decided to slow down for my remaining winter wardrobe pieces. I realize that this may mean I won’t meet my self-imposed deadline but that’s no reason to continue this sloppy sewing. I’ve been working on the BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook Blouse since last week, taking small steps each day to prevent fatigue. Today I’m inserting the sleeves and hemming the bottom – which means I’m finally done! I hope to have final project photos up soon.


6 Responses to “Taking It Slow”

  1. I have this pattern all traced and ready to cuy out- so I can’t wait to hear your tips and suggestions- it looks lovely!

  2. Wow, thanks for that photo! The hand basting really struck me – I’m generally too lazy to do it. I should mend my ways!

    • Oh, Gail – me, too! I almost didn’t hand-baste this time but I stopped, put the project away, and picked it up the next morning and decided it was for the best. It really is superior to pins, machine-basting, or (god forbid) nothing. I find it especially helpful when I need to stitch in the ditch to catch something like a waistband or cuff.

  3. I think it’s great to slow down sometimes and just enjoy the process. I like your fabric combo!


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