Outfit: Batik Skirt Remix

Friends, I had a feeling you all were interested in independent pattern designers but the stats proved it! It’s intriguing to see which topics drive the most traffic and yesterday’s brought in a whole slew of new readers. Welcome and I hope that I can keep your attention now that you’re here!

Gail, from Today’s Agenda, asked me this week how much wear my challenge garments are getting so I thought that I’d continue posting pictures of my outfits. I’ve been wearing a similar getup to the one above but pairing my batik skirt with my black sorbetto and a black sweater. I’m actually more fond of that ensemble but in an attempt to continue mixing prints I thought I’d try it with this Marimekko shirt that purchased on a trip to Finland eight years ago (!!). How this shirt is not threadbare and misshapen, I’ll never know.

I’m always excited to see how other sewists incorporate handmade garments into their wardrobe. The goal for this blog has always been to build an effortless wardrobe and sew pieces that work with my other garments not against them. I’m hoping that these outfit posts will show you how I’m remixing previously made pieces to create new and exciting outfits. If there’s something you’d like to see in regards to outfit posts, please let me know.


6 Comments to “Outfit: Batik Skirt Remix”

  1. Nice outfit!
    I really like this idea, I’ve always considered making outfit posts but have always been afraid they might not been that interesting.

  2. Me, too! I’ve been hesitant to post outfits for fear of boring everyone but I do know that an outfit can put a pattern into new light. I appreciate your support, Paunnet.

  3. I love that you mixed the print and the stripes- very nice!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for indulging me 😉 I for one am very interested to see how you remix your items, especially since you are doing a wardrobe with a color theme. I’d love to see you do more posts like this. But I also know how tedious it can be to photograph your outfits regularly! (I failed miserably during Self-Stitched-September.)

    For me, a lot of the fun in sewing is in the making; I’m not as good at the wearing. So it’s inspiring to see your handmade items being worn.

  5. I just wanted to say, keep the outfit posts coming. I love seeing how others put outfits together. I particularly like this one and the one of your modern dot with the, I think it was, black skirt.

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