Outfit: Putting It All Together

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on my outfit posts and I’d like to make them a weekly feature here at A Good Wardrobe. This week, I chose to pull a look from both of my 2011 wardrobe challenges. You’re familiar with this blouse, I’m sure, but the skirt is one of my first blog creations and you may have missed it. I’m such a sucker for vibrant greens and this skirt is perhaps my favorite tone! I’ve heard that the human eye is capable of distinguishing more shades of green than any other color – just look what pops up on pinterest when you type in “green“. Amazing!


25 Comments to “Outfit: Putting It All Together”

  1. I adore green but don’t have a lot in my wardrobe. The fashion industry seems to ignore this wonderful color. Must go buy some green. I love your skirt and that hue is perfect!

    • You’re right – the fashion industry has, largely, ignored green. I have seen more hunter greens popping up in the last year or two and I keep hoping that it will go big but it hasn’t yet. I think it’s a really flattering hue on many different people. Oh well – this is why we sew!

  2. Greens are best! I actually have lots of green clothes, mostly pullovers (for whatever reason..)

    Great skirt-blouse combo!

  3. The outfit looks incredible together! And, thanks for the fun-fact about the color green; it’s definitely a favorite color of mine.

  4. I love the green and that skirt looks great with that blouse!

  5. What a sweet skirt. And the color is amazing. You can’t go wrong with an apple green. It just makes a person happy.

  6. I have loved that skirt since you made it! It’s one of my favorite colors too. In fact . . . it would look great with the fabric for the Pussy Bow Blouse I’m getting ready to make. Yep, you read that correctly! You’re such an inspiration 😉

    I really like the taupe shoes and belt with this combo. I probably would have chosen black because I’m boring that way. I like this much better!

  7. I love the outfit posts – its so nice to see how a sewing blogger styles their outfits!! Also – i love those buttons on your skirt! So shiny!

  8. That is an adorable little skirt! The cut is very flattering, and the green is a perfect shade of apple green. I too am a sucker for a pop of color, and even more so if it’s green (by far my favorite color. Did you know green is supposed to encourage creativity?).

  9. I’m a huge fan of outfit posts. It’s nice to see how people wear their handmade goods out of the house. You look darling. I love that shade of green and those pumps are fabulous.

  10. aw i love green! great to see your b&w wardrobe mixing in with other garments, and congratulations on completing your challenge so well – looks to me like you have added some great pieces to your handmade wardrobe. looking forward to seeing what comes next!

  11. So. pretty. The polka dots look great with your bright green skirt. While I like green, I find that shade hard to wear. I’m much more at ease in a shade closer to olive or hunter. You look terrific!

  12. I love the green. It is one of those colors I think you could pair with completely unrelated colors and pull off a cute look. Great job. I also love the outfit shots. I do it on my blog because I think its helpful to see things remixed in an everyday way.

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