Sew Weekly: Accessorize

Although many of you are readers of The Sew Weekly, I thought I’d mention that I’m a contributor this year and yesterday I was featured for the weekly theme! Jump on over to read about my version of Chloe from Victory Patterns.


10 Comments to “Sew Weekly: Accessorize”

  1. Your version of Chloe is awesome. I’ve been eyeing this pattern since discovering Victory patterns a week ago and your version is making me want to jump into it. Too bad about the baggy fit, but perhaps this could be a “comfy” everyday dress, no?

  2. You sneaky girl! I was wondering what you were making these days! I think it’s cute and could be used as a “play” dress. And I love this shade of green on you!

    • I’ve also been struck with a terrible back ache for the last few days. I had been fixing up my sewing room last week and had my machine on another (awkward) table while working on this garment. I’ve learned my lesson.
      Thanks, Gail. I’m beginning to think it could make a nice dress for work while it’s still cold out.

  3. Hi There 🙂 I actually saw this feature on Sew Weekly when I was browsing their site yesterday and thought upon quick glance it was a cute jumper over a top – but it’s clever and cute how it’s kinda both in one 😉 I like it very much – a lovely colour on you too 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you posted that – this week’s Sew Weekly makes have failed to materialise in Google Reader and I’d’ve missed it otherwise!

  5. Wow!! I am trying SOOO hard not to buy more patterns, but you guys are making it really difficult. I love that green!

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