Outfit: Fake Spring

The unseasonably warm weather had me pulling out my spring clothes last week. The skirt, the top, and the scarf were made last summer while I was avoiding my fall wardrobe challenge and have seen a considerable amount of wear since then. I brought all three on our trip to Vietnam and despite the rough laundering they’ll survive another season. Sadly, our true winter weather is creeping back in and these will soon be shoved to the back of the closet until Spring truly appears.


7 Comments to “Outfit: Fake Spring”

  1. No way – were you really wearing sandals, or was that just for the photo shoot? So jealous! We got 6″ of snow last night, and believe me, I am counting the days until we head to San Diego at the beginning of March!

    This is a great outfit. I particularly love the scarf. All these colors look so great together!

  2. You look so lovely and bright! I would never guess winter is coming 🙂

  3. Whoa, sandals? It’s oddly warm here as well, but not so much!
    That yellow trench is adorable, and so is your outfit!

  4. I can totally sympathize with the warm, confused winter! Those look like great, versatile pieces. I hope they last a good bit longer. I also love the scarf! I’ve never thought to make one – and I am a voracious scarf wearer!

  5. You take such nice natural pics- I’m jealous. Mine always look like I was slapped up against a wall for a unpleasant audition! Love the sandals!

    • Oh goodness – I really should put up the outtakes from these “shoots”. I’m anything but natural in front of the camera so it pleases me to no end that I’ve achieved the illusion with the photos I post! I think we’re our own worse critics because you do not look like you’re at a bad audition in your photos!
      I’m serious – I think we (and by “we” I mean us sewing bloggers) should have a week dedicated to those photos that didn’t make the cut.

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