Update: Independent Pattern Designers

Before I started the list, I was bemoaning the lack of independent pattern designers but look how long that list is! It’s only been a month and I’m finding more and more sources every week. I really appreciate everyone’s input! Adding:

  • The Sewing Workshop – writer and sewing instructor Linda Lee offers a variety of apparel patterns. Also available from her shop are the intriguing Shapes patterns but I’m uncertain whether these are her designs as well. Can anyone confirm this for me?
  • In House Patterns – Alexandra describes her line as “runway inspired and vintage influenced creating a perfect blend of sophistication, elegance, and style for the fashion savvy home sewist.” Keep your eyes peeled for new PDF patterns from this emerging company!
  • Seamingly Smitten – Although the majority of Jenny Hall’s patterns are for children, she does offer a few women’s blouses.

5 Comments to “Update: Independent Pattern Designers”

  1. Great additions, you should make a special page or something to keep track of them all in one spot. And thanks again, I haven’t heard of any of these!

  2. It’s so wonderful to see all these emerging designers–the world of indie patterns is really going to explode.

    I don’t know if you’ve tried this, but you can create a custom menu that includes pages and posts. This will override the automatic menu of pages that your theme is creating. That way you won’t have to sacrifice comments or need to change a post to a page. It’s pretty easy to do–feel free to shoot me an email if you’d like me to show how. I love helping people with WordPress!

  3. I love that you are focusing on the indie pattern makers. You are discovering many new ones that I haven’t heard of, thank you for sharing! I love what they are doing and I would happily buy a pattern (or 2 or 3) from an individual doing their own thing!

    Great button too!

  4. I was just referring to this list yesterday and realized I couldn’t name your blog off the top of my head! Shame on me! I am now a grateful follower, linker and badgewearer! I’ve also patronized and have in my sewing queue goods from various of the businesses on the list- you’ve done all of us and them a great service putting this list together!! Many many thanks!!

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