Update: Independent Pattern Designers

I apologize for the fake post this morning but my finger was trigger happy and pressed the publish button before I even started! I’d imagine readers who subscribe by email will get two very similar posts.

I’m thinking this might be the last update of this style but I haven’t decided how to let know you all that there are new additions to the list. I’ll let you know but until then, enjoy these great sources!

  • Dixie DIY – I recently found Dixie through The Sew Weekly and have enjoyed perusing her blog recently. She’s published a few of her designs in PDF’s on her blog. Most are free and some are multi sized.
  • Angela Osborn – Anna of ::Paunnet:: introduced me to Angela Obsorn’s patterns recently and I’ve been so excited to share her store with you. She sells her PDF patterns through her own website as well as Etsy. There’s an interview with her over on Anna’s blog this morning that you’ll want to check out.



One Comment to “Update: Independent Pattern Designers”

  1. Thank you so much for doing this! This is my go-to list whenever I want to treat myself to a new sewing project!

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