I’ve recently discovered that there are unwanted pop-ups on my blog. I have a pop up blocker on my web browser so I haven’t seen exactly what this pop-up is but I was notified of a pop up when I went to the independent pattern designer post. If you’ve experienced a pop-up on my site, please let me know. Meanwhile, I’ll be searching for a way to stop this and I apologize for any annoyance that it may have caused. If you have any recommendations on how to deal with something like this, it would be greatly appreciated.


2 Comments to “Help!”

  1. I actually haven’t seen any popups anywhere (I checked that independent pattern designer post now) and I’m using Chrome. Any popups would probably be embedded in any of the javascript that’s in your site?

    • Thanks, Janice! It seems that the pop ups disappeared sometime yesterday. I’ve been talking with some other wordpress users that were experiencing this so I’m hoping that together we can get to the bottom of this. So far I don’t have any reason to believe that they were malicious but I’m still on edge.

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