Me, Myself, and I

Thank you for the lovely comments on my Spring Wardrobe Sneak Peak! I’m absolutely nuts about the palette that I chose and I can’t wait to get started.

You may remember that during my last challenge I regretted not having a more thoughtful plan when it came to separates. Although everything worked really well with my existing closet, I had intended to wear the pieces together more often. I decided that for my next challenge, I would sketch my plans in hopes of creating a more united collection. Instead of using a standard croquis, I followed Lladybird’s tutorial and made a personal one. The whole thing came together in less than an hour and now I have a great base to sketch on!

This may sound funny but I’m actually amazed that it looks like me! I was prepared for a shock but instead… I got me. That’s totally my body – I’d know it anywhere. I feel like this past year of sewing and taking photos has a lot to do with it. Like everyone, I’ve struggled with my body image but blogging has been a really positive experience. I can remember selecting photos for the first couple of projects and grimacing at the outtakes. That’s hard to admit to and makes me incredibly sad. I’m sad that I was ever at a point that I didn’t know and accept my body. I doubt that the struggle is over but I hope that it never reaches such a low again.

I took a couple of pictures with different poses but I’ve only outlined this one so far. For the sketches I’ll be using a pencil so I made a printable version with a very light outline. Once the clothing is colored in, you really can’t see the original outline. Now I just need to figure out how to sketch clothes (let’s not even talk about facial features).

I’ll be posting a formal plan for my spring wardrobe tomorrow and I hope to show you some of the sketches by the end of the week!


20 Comments to “Me, Myself, and I”

  1. I just couldn’t agree more. I’m planning to attempt a croquis very soon too (probably from Lladybird’s excellent tutorial) and like you – I’m a little on edge at how I will react to the result…
    But also – since starting to blog – I’ve become much happier with ‘me’ and the shape I make on camera. It’s quite bizarre actually, especially because the image we hold of ourselves in our head can sometimes be anything but realistic. I’ve often wondered if this process of becoming more comfortable with ourselves is a reconciling between the false truth in our heads and the (surprisingly lovely) reality. Our little blogosphere is a pretty special place, with some darn awesome peeps inhabiting it, which of course, makes it all the easier!

  2. I’ll be interested to see how this works for you. Something about this just doesn’t click in my brain! I think I have a hard time with the 2D vs. 3D . . .

    Also looking forward to seeing the spring wardrobe plan!

  3. I love the croqui, but how do you “dress” it?

    • It’s just like any other fashion croquis but without the exaggerated proportions. Some people have been using their computers to layer clothes over it – like electronic paper dolls. I’m choosing to print and then sketch over the croquis. The outline on my printable version is extremely light so that after I’m done coloring it, the printed lines aren’t visible.

  4. My coqui was a little more than an eye awaking for me, but alas it’s a good thing.

  5. I understand you completely and I’m really glad to read this post.
    In this sense, blogging has been a very good experience for me as well. I’ve never liked my body since puberty and always hated to see pictures of myself, but now I have a much healthier relationship with how I look.

  6. It’s Little Lizz!!! I’m loving your spring palette, too 🙂 I haven’t done my croquis yet, but I plan to. I *think* it’s more of a time-flake thing than a conscious avoidance. But I have to say that constantly being photographed from all angles, then putting it out there for the world to see has been an interesting journey. From feeling pretty confident, then seeing the “faults” other see & going down that rabbit hole, then getting back to a place of confidence has been wild ride for sure.

  7. I’ve been really interested in all the croquis that have been popping up on sewing blogs. I think I’ve been reticent to make one because of exactly what you voiced – they are somehow sweetly and unashamedly honest about that one thing that it seems we all have a little trouble facing honestly. But I agree – sewing and blogging has definitely helped me accept my body much more than I used to.
    Thank you for sharing your croquis – and your thoughts on this – this might be the post that pushes me to make my own!

  8. it’s so encouraging to hear how far you’ve come in the time you’ve been blogging because I’m still at that stage you were at in the beginning, where photos of yourself made you cringe. Yeah I still do that. However discovering more about my body type through the process of doing my first fitted project has helped me make some steps in accepting it, and I hope to be where you are someday 🙂 You’ve encouraged me to make my own croquis, and the funny thing is, I’ve been having a blast dressing it!! LOL!! Thanks for sharing yours 🙂

  9. I know what you mean about taking photos of your self and accepting your body. I’ve definitely come to terms with how my body looks and what camera angles look good for me. The best part is I no longer get upset when I see an unflattering picture of me – I know it’s just a bad angle/shot and I’m not really that hideous. 😉 One of these days I may even like my body enough to pose in a self made swim suit… but not just yet…

    I want to do a croquis just for the experience but I’m not sure if I’ll actually use it. I do sketch sometimes but never on a pre-made outline of a person. I do love seeing other people’s croquis, though!

  10. Your croquis turned out so well! May I pick your brain on how to take a photograph for it? My dear husband sets up the tripod and tries his best, but either the angle or the height of the camera is wrong: my photo always ends up with stumpy hobbit-legs! The internet tells me to take full-length photos at waist-height, but I feel like that distorts my figure to the point where it wouldn’t be a very useful croquis. Gah!

    That aside, I love hearing about how sewing helps people with body image. It’s inspiring to hear that you used to cringe at photos but are now in a different place. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks so much for your comment, Rachel. I’m certainly not a photography expert and there are several reasons why you could be getting a distorted image. It would be hard to know what’s causing yours without seeing your exact setup. Perhaps telling you how I set up my shoot will help though. Here’s what I did: I set the camera on a tripod at bust level and about 4 or 5 feet away. I took the pictures on a 18 – 55 mm lens at 18 mm.
      In regards to body image, reading these comments about others going through similar experiences makes me happy that I opened up about the topic.I appreciate the support because I don’t normally talk so candidly about these things.

      • I think knowing what your set-up was will be helpful: thank you very much! I think we gave up too soon on tweaking the distance and height of the camera. Time to make a new attempt!

        Thank you again!

  11. First of all, I want to make one of these. I think they are really helpful to the planning process because they’re realistic and not the stylized version (which of course everything looks good on).

    Secondly, I think knowing your body, fitting things correctly and taking pictures helps so much! Like, there are absolutely things about myself that I loathe, but I’m learning how to hide them or accentuate the things that I like. Styling and taking pictures has helped me see some poor choices I’ve made in the past that I thought I looked fabulous in! Ha ha. Body image is a tough thing.

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