5. Fail


I finished my Banksia Blouse this week! It fits well and the sewing is darn near perfect. But…

It’s not going to get worn. In fact, I’m not even going to take pictures in it.

I knew this fabric was all wrong and I should of listened myself. It hangs like a burlap sack on and is terribly uncomfortable. Strangely, I’m not bothered by this. I had so much fun making it up and learning how to sew the button placket that wearing it would have been a mere bonus. So onward and upward!


36 Comments to “5. Fail”

  1. funny… i’m sort of feeling like that about my iris shorts…

    <i.sort of.

  2. That is always so disappointing. What’s next?

    • It certainly can be! I have three more garments for my spring wardrobe challenge. First up is my maxi dress which will be late. I haven’t received the fabric yet but I’m hoping that it will be done on Tuesday. Then, I have one more dress and a blouse planned. I’m feeling a little uninspired by those two pieces and I may skip those until I regain it!

  3. Oh no! At least you have a good attitude about it! And I have to say, this is the first positive review of this particular pattern I’ve read – people seem to be having a lot of trouble getting a good fit with it.

  4. Such a good attitude; it’s sucky when that happens but I always feel that if I learned something from a project, it’s never a waste 🙂

  5. Well, it sounds like a very well made muslin. Will you be trying again in another fabric? Also, not that it sounds like you need much cheering up, but save the evening of May 9th for meeting up with Karen of Didyoumakethat in the city – we can dish about all our sewing successes and woes.

    • You know, I can’t decide if I want to make it again. I know I’ll be using the placket instructions again but sometimes I question whether I’ll really wear a peter pan collar.
      May 9th sounds so fun! I read that on Karen’s blog but hadn’t commented yet. I could certainly use a night of sewing-chat!

  6. Oh no!!!!! What a bummer. Was the fabric too heavy?

  7. Oh no!!!!! I love the print. Was the fabric too heavy with not enough drape?

  8. Awww, and it’s so pretty! Can you shop it up and make some pincushions or pattern weights or something small?

  9. But it looks so pretty. Darn!

  10. You attitude is key! I’ve had quite a few sewing fails lately that havent made it to the blog, working on something else now!

  11. Ugh, been there! I was kind of looking forward to this one. I was wondering how the collar would look because I’m not so sure how I’d like the collar to be so far apart in the center front, know what I mean? So I kind of wanted to see more final versions of it. How do you like the collar? Do you think you’ll try the pattern a second time?

    • I decided on this pattern for the exact reason why you’re hesitant. I kind of feel that with the collar not meeting in the middle, it’s a little less precious than most peter pan collars. If I do make another, I’m not going to do a print (again, too juvenile for me) but rather a saturated solid.

  12. When I was attempting to help my nieces with their sewing, I tried to get them to understand that they had to enjoy the process, not just the having new clothes. It sounds like you may not have a keeper,but you got to use new skills and enjoyed the work itself. The next one will be killah.

  13. Great attitude 🙂 I need to be more like that!

  14. Oh Lizz, I feel for you! It’s so disappointing when that happens. I hope you have better luck with your next project. Sometimes the learning experience makes it pay off though.

  15. yep, I too had a total FAIL recently too. I like your spirit though… learn from it and move on!

  16. Atta girl!

    I would be seriously bad tempered over it, and evil to everyone.

  17. Ooh, I want to see it!
    I shared this attitude on a recent make of mine, too. It was so fun to make that I don’t even really care that I might not get much wear out of it.

  18. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m gearing up myself to make a whole post of ‘fails’ and why… hopefully I’ll learn more in the process of sharing. 🙂

  19. The button placket is a next on my list :>

  20. Darn! That’s too bad and I’ve totally been there. I always consider it a part of fabric education–I get one step closer to understanding fabric behavior.

  21. Oh no! It’s such a lovely print, too. The linen will probably soften over time (my fav bathroom hand towels are linen, and they are much droopier/drapier than when I first bought them), but you obviously don’t want to wear it stiff! Maybe throw it in with the wash until it behaves. Or just chalk it up to learning. I love your live & learn attitude about it 🙂

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