Winners of the Ohhh Lulu Giveaway

Thanks, everyone, for entering the Ohhh Lulu Pattern Giveaway! I had so much fun reading about your favorite Ohhh Lulu pieces. And a giant thanks to Sarah at Ohhh Lulu for sponsoring this giveaway! The winners are::

Congratulations! You’ve both asked for the Betty High Waist Pattern – Look for an email shortly and I hope you enjoy sewing this lovely pattern.


3 Comments to “Winners of the Ohhh Lulu Giveaway”

  1. oooh, i can’t wait to see what amy does with those bettys!

  2. I was totally shocked when I read this–first time I’ve won any give-away! Exciting, I’ve been pulling out my lingerie fabrics this week so you can bet I”ll be all over this!

  3. It was the first win for me too. I am thrilled. Have already cut out a trial garment, so will see how that goes!

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