Layering Scarves

Ever since I discovered the two thread rolled hem on my serger, I’ve been thinking of  other projects I can use it on. I just sewed up a half dozen lightweight scarves with fabric from my scrap bin –  I haven’t rethreaded the machine all weekend! The best part of these scarves is that they layer beautifully. Throw two together with a necklace and you have a very unique accessory!

If you’d like to make your own, the scarves pictured above measure 21″ square. Use lightweight fabric like cotton lawn, rayon challis, voile, or even silk chiffon. I chose to finish the edges with a serged two thread rolled hem. If you don’t have that option a baby hem or hand rolled hem would work fine as well – just don’t forget to add a hem allowance when cutting. Wear alone or layered!

Happy Sewing!


18 Responses to “Layering Scarves”

  1. awww… a serger… one day 😉 I do have a narrow hem foot which does a pretty good job too! I like the image at the top of your blog–I think it’s relatively new, right?! Looks lovely and simple!

  2. How pretty! I JUST made a scarf for my mom using the narrow rolled hem on my serger for the first time– it’s such a lovely option!

  3. Very lovely. I never thought to layer scarves but I guess the more the merrier!

  4. I love scarves, what a great quickly project with pretty results!

  5. The first thing I did with my serger was a project like this one: a two-thread rolled hem on a beautiful ombre silk. Did you use a wooly nylon thread? I really liked the effect the fluffy thread gave to the hem.

    • I didn’t but I really must get a hold of some wooly nylon now that I’m using my serger more. It looks like a must have! I set the stitch length pretty close together but I did notice that occasionally I’d get little fabric lumps between the stitches with my normal thread. I bet that the wooly nylon would take care of this.

  6. I love wearing scarves! I keep thinking of doing something like this – it really is a great idea.

  7. Good idea!! I just finished an obi belt using a similar method and scraps from my Truffle dress…. I love the soft look of your scarves though, and aren’t they so perfect for spring? 🙂

  8. Pretty!! I need to figure out how to do that with my serger! I never wear scarves, but would like to.

  9. love your new header Lizz 🙂 i love a scarf in all seasons but oddly never think to make them!

  10. Oh I must try the 2 thread rolled hem on my serger. I use it all the time three threaded but that won’t do on the small pile of silkie softness I have set aside to make up into loads of scarves. Thank you for reminding me. Must try the woolley nylon too – I have one somewhere ….

  11. Hehe, one more reason to hang on to scraps!


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