Drape Drape No. 13

Pattern: No. 13 from Drape Drape Vol. 1

Fabric: Jersey from Gorgeous Fabrics

Notions: none

Time to Complete: If I added it all up maybe 5 or 6 hours?


I had been in the mood for a high impact but little effort project and this dress delivered! I was a little worried about getting arrested for indecent exposure but it’s surprisingly wearable. I mean, it’s not an everyday garment but it’s not as revealing as I thought it would be. The drape falls beautifully to the back so unless you’re bending down, you’re actually quite covered in the front. While I did end up wearing it over my swimsuit on this particular afternoon, I’m not limiting the dress to the beach. It layers nicely over brightly hued or lacy bandeaus and is perfect for the sweltering weather we’ve been having. While not the most practical garment, it’s so much fun to wear!

The construction is crazy simple. It’s cut from one piece with a seam down the back so the majority of the sewing is in finishing the armholes, neckline, and hem. I finished the neckline and armholes by serging a folded fabric strip to the unfinished edge and then tacking down the seam allowance with the coverstitch. I’m still working on my coverstitch dexterity (especially around curves) but it looks pretty good. There are only two spots (and of course they are front and center on the neckline) that are a little crooked. I also used the coverstitch to finish the hem. I initially thought it might be too sporty for the garment but it blends so nicely and doesn’t interfere with the drape at all.

The book labels the garment as a tunic so I decided to add about 4 inches of length to make it a dress. Absolutely unnecessary! I ended up cutting away all of that excess but it still hits just above my knees. Since the front of the dress is a little shapeless, I’d prefer it even shorter. I’d take it up a few inches but the design tapers and that type of alteration is best dealt with at the pattern level. There’s always next time! One good thing – I’m confident that I’ll be able to fit into any of these designs despite being several inches larger than the XL.

My favorite part of the garment has to be the fabric. This poly/lycra blend is like no other jersey I have ever felt. It doesn’t cling like I’ve come to expect from poly-knits and it has the most wonderful texture that Ann describes as “spongy”. It drapes beautiful with a substantial weight but doesn’t feel heavy to wear. There are only 9 yards left at Gorgeous Fabrics so nab this one while you can. I would buy it in every color if it weren’t a one and only!

I’ve been a bit knit obsessed lately and it’s not going to stop any time soon! I’ve been getting so much use out of my new serger and now that I’m more familiar with the machine I owe you all a good solid review of the Bernina 1300MDC. For those of you who have asked about the machine, are there particular features that you’d like to hear about?


38 Responses to “Drape Drape No. 13”

  1. How fun. Love the color and the fabric too.

  2. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I love the pictures you took too, although I would have like to see one of the back/side ones fully to get a sense of the garment more. I love my coverstitch machine. So much fun.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! In regards to the pictures, I was thinking the same thing. I have no idea what happened but there wasn’t a single full length shot in all the shots we took. Impractical pictures for an impractical dress!

  3. This looks like the perfect thing to wear in Montreal’s insano heat wave right now. LOVE the colour and your photos are gorgeous!

  4. Wow! The color looks so amazing on you! I think this would be a fun top/dress to wear a bunch of different ways. Come cooler weather I could even see it layered over long sleeve tops and leggings or tights. I’m so very jealous of your Bernina 1300MDC and its coverstitch. Your hem looks so professional!

    • I was absolutely shocked at how much I love this color on! I have just a little under a yard left and I hope to squeeze out a mini skirt from it.
      As for the serger – I have to admit that it’s slightly too much machine for me. There have been tears while I get used to it but it’s nice to have something to grow into. I’m very proud of the way this hem came out.

  5. the neckline looks perfect! I don’t know much at all about sergers, so I’d be curious to see more specific photos of these stitches you are using (but maybe that’s too basic 😉 Lovely dress Liz! the color is awesome!!

  6. This dress is amazing! I really looks fantastic on you! You look great in red 😉

  7. Wow, this is fantastic! I love the color and the style– it’s quite the statement piece! Bravo!

  8. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

    What do you think of that book? It’s on my wishlist and I am curious about it.

    • Thank you! I was a little worried that I wouldn’t get much use out of the book but I’m finding that a lot of patterns are quite wearable. It’s disappointing that the book doesn’t offer drafting instruction for the draping techniques but the garment construction is different enough and I feel like I’m learning something new. So far, I’d highly recommend purchasing it.

  9. this HOTNESS prompted me to put my salsa pics up today (cause they’re colorful. you’re beating the hell out of me in hotness.) so, so, so amazing.

  10. Wow, this is unbelievably stunning… great red and great on you. I love when simple things make such a high impact. I’ve got to get this book… and I love the shadow photo!

  11. Gorgeous photos. I haven’t found the time lately to work on my photography. But, you’ve just inspired me! By the way, are you going to the Gaultier exhibit this Saturday? SunnyGal is organizing a trip, and I’m planning on going, but I wasn’t sure who else was.

  12. gorgeous colour, you look amazing!!! 🙂

  13. SHEXY!!! I love the color and the peek-a-boo effect!

    Also. I, literally, almost made this last night! I couldn’t find my tracing of the pattern, so I switched gears, but great minds think alike, eh?!

  14. Totes awesome. Love the pics too! Great Red 🙂

  15. It’s SOOO sexy!! Both the color and the cut look great on you! Real “femme fatale”.

  16. THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Good god woman, nicely done.

  17. WOW! It’s great and I love your attitude in your photos. Very sexy 😀
    “I finished the neckline and armholes by serging a folded fabric strip to the unfinished edge and then tacking down the seam allowance with the coverstitch.” Good idea!

  18. It looks great! I love the bright pink color.

  19. You look stunning in the dress!

  20. This is a beautiful colour choice for this dress and it looks great on you. I’ve been wondering whether to make this or the v-neck dress from Drape Drape but you’ve inspired me to make one in a bold colour!


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