About Me


I’m Lizz, a 20-something living in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband. I’m a perpetual beginner and am always finding myself in a new field and a new class.

When I started this blog in Spring of 2011 I had a closet full of clothes and, like many of you, often felt like I had nothing to wear. In an effort to change this I took on a challenge to gather/sew/knit a thirty piece wardrobe by fall 2011. Although I fell dramatically short of that goal, I’ve since gone on to complete other successful wardrobe challenges. This blog chronicles my efforts to discover what makes a good wardrobe and how to make one.


Depending on your viewpoint, I started sewing seventeen years ago, four years ago, or 18 months ago.

My mom bought me my first sewing machine in 1994 and after beating it against the wall several times, I finally completed a self-drafted two piece dress. I wore it to a barbeque and little by little, the seams fell apart and I was left half naked clinging to the remaining fabric. It was so disheartening that I didn’t pick up a sewing needle for twelve years but my love for design only increased!

In 2007, I set out to learn how to sew again. I got a job at a local quilting shop and bought my current machine (a Janome 2007). My attention was pulled away when I was accepted into a program to study Linguistics and my sewing equipment was packed away.

After graduation, I was looking for something new to learn and decided to pull out my machine. In January of 2011 I enrolled in a Patternmaking program in San Francisco.


In 2002, the owner of Wildfiber and my dearest friend, Natasha, taught me to knit. Although knitting has taken a backseat to my sewing project, I still love the art. If you’re curious to see my past projects, friend me on Ravelry. My username is Freshwaterpurls.

I always love hearing from visitors, so don’t hesitate to contact me or leave a comment on a post!


7 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Heya! Just found you on Ravelry! What a great background. I love that sewing kept hooking you again and again.

  2. Kristen, thanks for looking me up on Ravelry! Looking through your projects I realized that I had already favorited many of them.

  3. Just curious what program you are in in San Fransisco? Sounds exciting and something I might want to look in to. I am really enjoying your blog. Thanks for putting it out there for us all to enjoy with you.

  4. Hi Liz!
    I learnt to sew about 18 yrs ago and initailly was very enthusiastic about creating my clothes. Then studies and work left me with no patience to sew. It was only last week that i thought of getting back to sewing , miss the satisfaction that I get after creating a garment! Your blog was very inspiring ! Vinita

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and I love it! I live in the East Bay and I immediately knew you were from the Bay when you listed Britex and Stone Mountain & Daughter 🙂 It’s cool to know someone else that lives close by with the same passion, maybe we’ll run into each other sometime!


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